Have an Ecocentric item and want to know how to look after it? Here's how!


Kokedama will need water  approximately once a week. To test watering, you can feel the weight of the ball. If it is light, it's time for a water! Simply dunk the ball part in a bowl of water until heavy, leave to drip, and then hang back up or sit back on it's plate. Most Ecocentric kokedama are designed to be hung indoors with access to light near a window. Some however such as herbs may require more, feel free to ask.

Potted Succulents

Succulents don't require much water as they're from the desert! Once or twice a fortnight should be enough. Just water them well with a watering can. Succulents like to be grown outside, but can be grown indoors in an area with lots of light. If your succulent grows long, looses leaves, or looks as if it is rotting, try giving it more light and less water.

Hanging Succulent Hearts

Water the heart approximately once a week, or when it feels light. Water by laying flat on the ground and watering with a hose or watering can. Hang outside where is gets morning sun or in a bright spot. If it ever looks a little tired, lay it in a shallow dish or plate for a week or two and water as normal. This will allow the plant more consistent water and will encourage fast growth. If the succulent grow long, simply cut off and stick back in to the growing medium. This can also be done if the heart ever begins to look bare.

If you need help with any Ecocentric product, don't hestitate to contact me via the contact page, or with a message and photos to myone@ecocentric.com.au