Hi, I’m Ecocentric!


I’m Myone Webber a  Sydney based eco artist, horticulturist, and landscape designer.  I launched my business Ecocentric Art + Design as in 2010.


Why the name Ecocentric?


As an eco artist at university,  I came across the term ‘ecocentricm’, which refers to philosophy of a nature centred, rather than a human-centred system of values. In short, the theory suggests that as the natural world we live in becomes increasingly degraded, we will begin to place a greater focus on ecology in our lives and consequently become 'Ecocentric'. Plants pervade my thoughts and every aspect of my life, so in this way... Ecocentric is exactly what I am!

(I also love the word’s similarity to the term ‘eccentric’, because I’m the first to admit to being a bit of that too.)


What do I believe in?


I believe in giving those who live in small spaces (including myself), a way to bring nature in to their lives as much as possible, in new and fun ways.

I try to the break the boundaries of how plant’s can be grown, and the stereotypes of who can grow them.

In a world where everything seems to be mass produced, I believe in making one off items that are hand crafted and completely unique.

I think the more plants you have in your life, the happier you become. In that way, I hope that everyone who purchases my products takes a little piece of happiness home with them!


Who and where am I?


I live in Sydney, Australia. I live in a small apartment and make all of my products either on my balcony, in my lounge room, or in my garage! You can only imagine the chaos. My little home is a beautiful space that continues to give me the inspiration for new products.

Since I was a child, I have always ‘made things’ and remember clearly wondering if one day I would have the opportunity to sell my products. For this reason, even now at 29yrs I am so excited to sell any one of my products.

Thanks to all the fellow Ecocentrics (my customers) who have supported me over the years.

I can’t wait for the next 4 Ecocentric years!


Myone  aka Ecocentric  x